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Electrikhana goes national!

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Electrikhana goes national
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Are you interested in electric vehicles?  Would you like test-drive a few models before you make a decision?

The Australian Electric Vehicle Association presents Electrikhana - Electric vehicle display and test-drive days!

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Our Victorian branch secretary and EV News editor, Bryce Gaton recently penned a summary of the state of EV policy in Australia:

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After reviewing hundreds of submissions and many hours of testimony, the Federal inquiry into Electric Vehicles published its report in January 2019


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The AEVA national conference and EV Expo has been and gone, but the excitement continues with the drawing of the raffle! 


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Newcastle EV showcase - 23rd-25th November 2018

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AVASS Electric Buses for sale!

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AVASS are selling their fleet of zero emission electric buses, providing you with a rare opportunity to purchase THREE long-range, fully electric buses.  AVASS are offering as a package:

 2 x Matilda City Buses (A11 & A3)
 1 x Augusta Touring Coach
 1 x High Voltage Rapid Charger (Single Port)
 1 x High Voltage Rapid Charger (Dual Port)

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The Federal Government has established a special Senate Select Committee to hear about electric vehicles and what can be done to encourage their uptake.  The terms of reference are refreshingly straight forward.  More information about the committee can be found on the WARHAMMER FANTASY BATTLE RARE GAMES DAY 2011 CHAOS DWARF FORGE WORLD LTD EDITION
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Our friends over at Gumtree take a look at the environmental benefits of buying an EV over a used car, and the results are closer than you think - it all comes down to how clean your power is:  /environmentally-friendly-used-car-tesla/

Hunter Valley EV Fest! August 18th - Newcastle University

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Hunter Valley EV Fest

August is National Science Week, and the AEVA is supporting the Hunter Valley EV Fest!

Visit / for more details!

With events happening throughout spring, including the EV Prize for schools and colleges, it's going to be a fun and informative day out!

Around Australia Electric Highway - now complete!

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Occasionally, you still hear people remark that electric vehicles are city-bound.  Well thanks to the efforts of the  and the Tesla Owners Club, naysayers now have one less argument.


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The Australian Electric Vehicle Association Incorporated

ABN 27 629 533 129
PO Box 5285
Clayton, VIC 3168
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