Our services are available to both commercial and residential customers

Whether you're a property manager, homeowner or commercial developer, you will find our friendly prompt customer service to be a pleasure to work with. Our level of expertise is second to none covering every aspect of Urban Forestry.

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With our complete residential tree care and maintenance, Arborist Now care for the health of your trees, the safety and aesthetics of your environmental surroundings, and adds value to your property.


Our goal for our city residents is to bring life and urban greenspace that is customized, functional, and memorable - matching your vision and meeting all of your needs.


Our client services are consistent from beginning to end, we always give you our best. During your consultation, we will tour your landscape and discuss your requirements and objectives.



Just like people, trees and plants require attention and care in order to maintain optimum health. Healthy trees and plants provide many benefits. However, if neglected, they can become a liability.

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We extend the life of diseased, dying, and dead trees from San Francisco, restoring them to their natural beauty and giving purpose to it once again. Each slab has a story and we want to share it with you.


Arbor Upcycle designs and builds furniture exclusively from San Francisco trees that would be typically destined for the landfill - this is where arborists and designers meet.

Why Choose Arborist Now?

Arborist Now understands the value and importance of trees in the San Francisco landscape.

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We provide a full array of high quality arboricultural services that protect an owner's investment and their surrounding. They are committed to providing clients with healthy, safe and beautiful trees and landscape.

  • Accreditation - Fully accredited, licensed, insured and bonded.
  • Safety First - Safety is always first priority with Arborist Now.
  • Competitive Rates - We strive to keep rates competitive and fair.
  • Satisfied Customers - Our client testimonials speak for themselves.
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We Do Everything and Anything for your Trees and Landscape

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Tree & Shrub Selection and Planting

When selecting trees for a planting design, the goal is to find the right tree for the right location.  Trees grow well only when matched to the site conditions.

Tree & Shrub Artistic Design and Pruning

Shaping trees and plants for style and function is an art and a science - through the artistic skill of the pruner and the essence of a tree.

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Garden Design & Edible Gardens

Our commitment is to create healthy ecosystems by employing permaculture and restorative principles, using organic methods, seeds, and plants.

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Soil Replenishment, Texture & Fertilization

Healthy solis make healthy roots.  This dynamic combination creates healthy trees and greenery that can withstand the challenges of the environment.

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Custom Irrigation

We incorporate the high-efficiency irragation equipment, design principles, and conservation practices to maintain beauty and keep costs down.

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Tree Inspections & Storm Assessment

Trees are beautiful, yet is is wise to never underestimate the potential risk trees pose to their surroundings.  It is crucial to have trees checked periodically.

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Yard Debris & Waste Management

Debris and yard waste comes in many forms - from a landscaping clean-up to a recent storm.  We will efficiently and safely dispose of all your yard debris.

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Yard Maintenance & Renovation

We understand that impeccably maintaining your yard space year-round requires a well-planned program to preserve its beauty and longevity.

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Recycling & Milling Services

Our milling facility creates slabs from salvaged timber.  We take advantage of the natural form wood and preserve its unique qualities - turning your lost tree into a lasting treasure.

Certifications, Accreditations & Memberships

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ISA - International Society of Arboriculture

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